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This documentary is loosely based on Hennes & Mauritz first underwear campaign for women. Large posters of beautiful thin women got plastered around the cities and showed how fabulous you could look in underwear. But in the changing rooms the truth might be far from what is shown in the underwear campaigns. What is really beauty?

Dagbladet, 1996



"This was a spontaneous idea inspired by a town covered in big posters of a woman in her underwear. It was quite absurd, and would still be today if it happened again, I think. My co director, Ellen Lundby, and I dressed up variously shaped women in the same underwear and edited it into a short film. It was done with love and humor."


Original title: Underbart!

Genre: Documentary

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby, Ellen Lundby

Photo: Pål Bugge Haagenrud

Editor: Erland Edenholm

Nationality: NOR

Length: 5min.

Production year: 1991

Production company: SubrosaFilm

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