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A group of young people are heading home in the wee hours of the morning to have an after party. A neighbour is not too happy about this, but things aren’t necessarily what we think. This short movie is one part of a four part movie that was aired in the cinemas.



24.07.1996: Fire filmer om syndig sommer (Dagbladet)

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"This is a script I wrote based on a story a friend told me.  I wrote it as fiction.  «Summermorning" became part of a long- playing film shown in cinema with three other short films - all made by women. It was called ‘Syndig Sommer’.


It was also shown as a pre-film for the screening of, “Leaving Las Vegas” with Nicholas Cage.  The photographer, Gaute Gunnari, and I had a blast making the storyboard.  The rest of the film was just as enjoyable, and it became one of the few films I have made that the short film festival in Grimstad played - which was so nice:-)  In a festival in France, they did not understand the concept of the film because, to them, the film seemed to take place during the day.  I forgot that it is only in the northern countries that we have the understanding of midnight sun.

I loved doing a fiction.  But the freedom in making documentaries attracted me more."


Original title: Sommermorgen, part of Syndig Sommer

Genre: Drama/Fiction

Actors: Sandra Jensen, Mathias Eckhoff, Wilfred Breistrand, Alexander Eik, Camilla Strøm Henriksen and Joachim Cossais

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby

Photo: Gaute Gunnari

Producer: Martin Bråthen

Nationality: NOR

Length: 10min.

Production year: 1996

Shown in cinemas: Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, showed as warm up film before Leaving Las Vegas

Financed by: Norwegian Film Institute (v/ Tore Kinge)

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