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Do we have a price? Is the old word – integrity – old fashioned? What about moral? What about consciousness? A police man with a controlled salary. What is his price? What is the price for a judge? If you have no money no future. What are you willing to do for it. Kill ? Our journey starts in Russia. Where they have just started on democracy and capitalism. We are being dragged to Brussels. The centre of power and money. What’s happening there? Is our society now capitalism without correction? We admire the rich and powerful. But we never ask how they got their money.

"The increase in organised crime is a relevant and dangerous topic that the jury feels it is important to illuminate. By directing attention to organised crime, this film project can serve as an important instrument in the struggle to counteract this trend. The topic is not only an international, but also a national challenge. White-collar crime is flowing freely across national frontiers, featuring widespread cynical trade in drugs, human beings and weapons. In selecting suitable projects, the jury attached importance to film projects that explored topics in a particularly clever, insightful and courageous fashion."



"My journey into Russia and Europe with Stein Morten Lier and, sometimes, his brother Kurt A. Lier, was an exciting and dangerous adventure.  As with all my productions, I try to start at ground zero.  I maintained objectivity toward the theme beforehand but as always, my discoveries often left me shocked.  Many people risked their lives by talking to us.  As for many of my films the media has been silent afterwards.  It is especially the ones who criticized society in a way that is not acceptable.  The people who stood up in front of my camera saw our society in a way that most people do not, and made critical commentary.  Many of them lost their jobs because of their criticism, and for speaking out against what could be construed as criminal behavior among our leaders in society today.  I have had a lot of problems myself after having focused on this in my films."



Original title: Den Iskalde Krigen

Genre: Documentary

Director: Anne Berit Vestby

Photo: Anne Berit Vestby

Editor: Gaute Springgard, Ingvild Brekke Myklebust

Music: Torkil Lund Johansen

Nationality: NOR

Length: 2 x 45 mins

Production year: 2009

Production company: SubrosaFilm

Aired on: TV2 (Norway)

Financed by: Fritt Ord, Norwegian Film Fund (v/ Maria Fuglevaag Warsinki)

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