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Known as “the illegal movie” because of its ban in Norway, this documentary explains the use of hormones and antibiotics in the food industry both in the EU countries but in the US as well. As the documentary never was shown by any Norwegian TV it was therefore shown in Spikersuppa, central Oslo by Erling Folkvord, who believed the Norwegian people should know the truth. Even though it wasn’t shown in Norway it got media attention internationally as it was shown in 9 other countries


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"This was a directing assignment from Rubicon TV, with no production guidelines whatsoever. We researched every detail presented in this film. What I found most disturbing was the use of hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs in our food. When I traveled the US and Europe, I was with men who did not have much regard for me as a female director. I am sure I have never cried so much during any production as I did with «The Price We Pay» But, being a female director from Norway also had its advantages. I was not dangerous to talk to and I caught material on tape that was nothing short of shocking, and all before they went to media training and learned to act like a piece of soap in front of a camera.


I especially remember interviewing the head of an umbrella organization of the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. He openly admitted that his industry controlled the food and drink industry. He said that government representatives did not have the time or inclination to go into each and every case. We found out he was right. The film became a success all around Europe. In Sweden, it was shown in «Dokument Utifrån» on SVT and was discussed in parliament. In Norway, politician Erling Folkvord, had the so-called ‘forbidden’ film shown on a big screen outside the parliament.  Television stations claimed because it was sponsored, it should be banned. Yet, at the same time they aired other productions sponsored by the Norwegian state on the same subject.  It was obvious that the message was unpopular. Do we have free speech?  My experience tells me no.   

All the findings we discovered then has become reality now - many years later."



Original title: Til Hvilken Pris

Genre: Documentary

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby

Producer: Peter Wallace/Rubicon TV

Photo: John Sullivan

Editor: Jon Endre Mørk

Nationality: NOR

Length: 50min.

Production year: 1995

Aired on: SVT (Sweden), RTSI (Switzerland), SBS (Australia), DR (Denmark), Telewizja Polska (Poland), Screenrights (Australia), FWU (Germany), TV Max (Czech Republic), Spektrum (Hungary)

Production company: Rubicon TV

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