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The Industry has continuously dumped waste in Norwegian fjords for more than 100 years. The toxins constitute a risk if spread to people and living organisms and have accumulated on top of the seafloor. So, what happens if the local government decides to remove the waste through an initiative to clean up the fjord? Can we trust that the project is carried out with real emphasis on saving the environment? Are we sure that the government is competent enough to handle the project? And will commercial forces eventually play a part? A group of people living near the Oslo Fjord decide to challenge the project that takes place just outside of their homes...



29.07.2014: Kontroversiell deponifilm vises på nytt (Nordstrand Blad)

29.07.2014: Miljøbløffen kunne like gjerne skjedd her (Moss Avis)

17.02.2014: Stjålet film vises på NRK (Nettavisen)

17.12.2012: Nå lagres miljøgiftene på land (Dagsavisen)

11.02.2010: Unik dokumentar om Malmøykalven (Amta)

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"I was living in Nesodden across the fjord from Oslo when one day a group of people approached me.  They wanted me to make a film about what was happening in the fjord just outside their living room windows. These people had no actual knowledge of water and pollution.  I had looked at it myself and was concerned, so I took my camera, and a journey of 8 years began. I was with them, interviewing the authorities that had paid for and defended this project.  As we went along things got wilder and wilder-, so wild that an outsider might not believe the madness that was occurring.


In the film I have not tried to take sides but leave it to the audience to decide. The details of the film brought up issues of democracy, as well as the motives of the authorities. In our society today, Industry has the final word not the environment or peoples’ health. It is a madness that one day for sure will come to a disastrous conclusion. Before we released the film, I was interviewed about my expectations. I said it will either create a lot of noise or total silence. It was as good as total silence after the film was screened at NRK."



Original title: Lillebror Ser Deg

Genre: Documentary

Director: Anne Berit Vestby

Photo: Anne Berit Vestby

Editors: Roger Wolf Øyen, Geir Wikse

Music: Varde

Nationality: NOR

Production year: 2010

Production company: SubrosaFilm

Aired on: NRK (Norway)

Financed by: Fritt Ord, Norwegian Film Institute (v/ Stig Andersen, Ola Hunnes), NRK (v/ Marie Sjo, Peter Wallace) 

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