Living fish swim upstream - dead fish go with the flow


Anne Berit Vestby is a Norwegian director, producer, photographer and writer. She started her education in Volda 

University College, and later established her own production company Subrosa Film in 1991. She has periodically worked in in NRK, The Norwegian state TV channel. Subrosa Film has produced both short and long documentaries shown on numerous festivals and tv channels in various countries. Her films are shot all across the globe seeking the truth beyond the successful fasade we all like to present. To do so, she had to go beyond was in politically correct to look into.

Photo: Viktor Jæger


*  «FRAMING»   Summer symposium at  the National film School of Denmark with Andrei Tarkovskys photographer Georgy Rerberg and Ingemar Bergmans Sven Nykvist 


*  «LOWBUDGET» Summer symposium at the National film School of Denmark


*  Two times masterclass in direction of actors at The Open Theatre in Oslo with John Strasberg


* Two times masterclass «METHOD ACTING» with Marketa Kimbrell in Oslo


* Observer at «The Actors studio» in New York.


* Class in directing of actors at Black Box Theatre in Oslo with Mike Leigh.


* Class in self hypnosis for script writers , NFI (Norwegian Film institute)


* Class in «Directors Role as Producer», NFI


* Class  in «Final Cut Pro» for Directors, NFI



"Every once in a while people ask me why I started making films. It seems as if it has always been a part of my life. My father was an eager 8 mm enthusiast, which may have helped on my inspiration. I attended the film school in Volda as a very young woman which, at that time, was the only film school in Norway. Since I was 13 years old I worked freelance in my local newspaper and I had always painted and photographed and even made my first film as a child. It was natural for me to combine all of my interest into film making.

I have always felt a responsibility, as a film maker, to use the medium of films wisely as films are very powerful. I summon my mission as a filmmaker up in few words: I want to encourage people to think for themselves - to discover new ways of thinking and get different views on all topics. It’s been a difficult road. But what a journey!

The process of making this homepage has been an interesting one. I have gotten to know myself again. I have been in the jungle of Brazil when it was unspoiled and full of life. I wandered the sump areas of Bangladesh where no white man ever set foot. I have been in farms in the US where they produced the same amount of pigs as the whole of Norway produces in a year. I have talked to people being shot and tortured, interviewed the power people in our society. I have seen the ups and downs. My camera is like an extension of my own eyes, and in tiny editing rooms managed to create stories that has moved people all across the globe. I have been lucky to have worked with wonderful people and having beautiful musicians to complete my work. I am very grateful. I look forward to my next project which just might be the most outrageous, personal and controversial of them all. Hang on:-)"


(latin sub ros, under the rose)

Subrosa comes from the Latin word Sub Rosa, which

symbolizes confidence.

Romans would practice this by hanging a rose over a table,

as a symbol that the meeting is of confidence.