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Brynhild Paulsdatter Størsetgjerdet, better known as Belle Gunness, was born in 1859 in Selbu, Norway. After moving to the United States, she became one of the most notorious female serial killers of all time. It is estimated that she murdered between 40 and 70 people, but she was never tried or sentenced for any of these crimes. As the net closed in around her, she arranged her own "death" and disappeared without a trace.


Director Anne Berit Vestby, a native of the same small village in Norway, follows Belle's tracks from Selbu to Chicago. Drawing on archival newspapers and featuring authentic photos, the story Vestby recounts turns out to be wilder and more gruesome than you can imagine.


«A good scare»

Dagbladet, Mikael Godø

«A chilling experience from the old days»

Aftenposten, Per Haddal

Video Librarian, F. Swietek


06.08.2017: Norske Brynhild emigrerte til Amerika i 1881 - så drepte hun rundt 40 menn og flere barn (KK)

17.11.2015: Vi lever i en psykopatisk kultur (Namdalsavisa)

05.04.2014: Belle kan ha fått seriemordhjelp frå sheriffen (NRK)

04.04.2014: Vellykket Belle-kveld på Granby (NEA Radio)

15.03.2014: Kvinner som dreper (Side3)

02.03.2009: Belle Gunness (Quigley's Cabinet)

23.06.2006: Bestialske Belle (VG)

Belle Gunness (SNL)

Belle Gunness (Murderpedia)

Belle Gunness (Wikiwand)

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 I grew up with the story of Belle Gunness. My grandparents house in Selbu, stood on the ground where Belles family originated .  The only TV-documentary made about Belle Gunness is this one.  It took good detective work to find the pieces of the story.


I am currently digging deeper into the story and preparing a book, podcast and museum. It took time and research to find out what really happened with Belle Gunness. What many says can't be done - its because they can't. 



Original title: Bare Belle - En seriemorder fra Selbu

Genre: Documentary

Director: Anne Berit Vestby

Producer: Anne Berit Vestby

Photo: Anne Berit Vestby

Editor: Arild Tryggestad

Music: Bim and Bianca

Nationality: NOR

Production year: 2006

Production company: SubrosaFilm AS

Distribution: Scanbox (Scandinavia), National Film Network (USA)

Aired on: TV2 (Norway), Yle-FST (Finland), Documentary Channel (New Zealand)

Financed by: TV2 (v/ Vebjørn Hagen), YLE FST Co-productions (v/ Jenny Westergård), Nordic Film and TV Fund (v/ Eva Færevaag), Norwegian Film Institute (NFI, v/ Peter Bøe)

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