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Ever imagined how life can be as a taxi driver? In this production Vestby and her team use hidden cameras and microphones to show the real world in the taxi driving universe. The movie was part of the “Grenseland” series that aired on TV3 in Norway


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"I was one of ten directors who had the opportunity to make a documentary series for TV3 called Grenseland.  I was the only woman.  We chose the subject ourselves.  I wanted to document life in Oslo through a taxi drivers’ eyes, so we rigged a taxi with mini cameras and microphones.   We drove our car behind the taxi to see what happened.  We did this for a week - mostly at night - and recorded the strangest incidents.  I choose to edit it as happening all in one night.  The driver took proper people to parties and picked them up later in a quite different state. This was an unfamiliar way to make a film, for all of us. It was not usual to ask everybody to sign forms, as today, and - of course - we got into trouble if someone recognized themselves in the film, even though we never showed faces. We had to disguise the voices to the unrecognizable, which changed the whole experience for me.  But it is a fun film :-)"



Original title: Taxi om Natten

Genre: Documentary

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby

Nationality: NOR

Length: Total documentary length 50 mins.

Production year: 1995

Production company: Eureka Film

Aired on: TV3 Norway

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