Photo: Radich.no

The two large Norwegian sailing ships “Christian Radich” and “Sørlandet” are hosting young people from troubled countries and countries at war. These youth are then assigned to different groups – one sailing on a ship with dictatorship, the other one sailing on a ship with democracy. What happens on their journey from Kristiansand (Norway), via London (UK), France, and then back to Norway?


06.01.2002: Fredsseilas med rabalder (NRK)

02.07.2000: Skoleskip på fredsseilas (VG)


"This film was a commission from the Norwegian Church Aid and was happening on a boat trip that went on for a month.  The group of young people from countries that was in conflicts and war was going to be together on the ship and experience dialog and harmony.  The group was divided in two and put on board two beautiful old sailing ships, the ‘Christian Radich’ and the ‘Sørlandet’ . The first part of the journey from Kristiansand, south of Norway, to London, and then to France and was plagued with bad weather. The two captains of the ships had two quite different leading styles.


The film ended up being completely different from what I expected showing what happened to people when you live under different regimes.  I have been told that the film is used by big companies to show how not to and how to run a company. That was an unexpected, but nice, outcome of the film. A short version of it is used by the ‘Norwegian Church Aid’ for educational purpose."



Original title: Nesten en Fredsseilas

Genre: Documentary

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby

Photo: Anne Berit Vestby

Editor: Arild Tryggestad

Nationality: NOR

Length: 50 min.

Production year: 2001

Production company: SubrosaFilm

Aired on: NRK Norway