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A documentary about eating disorders.


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"This was a assignment to make a documentary about a disease that at that time was quite hidden and not talked about - anorexia and bulimia. It was an interesting journey into the darker side of our modern society. One of the highlights was that the famous Norwegian poet, Arild Nyqvist. Nyquist wrote a poem dedicated to the film. In return, he got wine :-)

Nyquist was himself troubled with eating disorders for many years.



The revelation of «This Is My Life» was that the only thing that could save those who suffered from anorexia and bulemia was love and understanding. To learn self-acceptance and know that people really do care. The format I choose for «This Is My Life’» was simple - human faces talking into the camera with beautiful light work by Nils Petter Lothrington. The faces blended into each other as they all told the same story, which was sad, but quite facinating, too. This was one of the few films I edited myself. It won a prize at an early stage of the festival, Gullruten. I was too shy to collect it.  A shame."



Original title: This Is My Life

Genre: Documentary

Direction: Anne Berit Vestby

Producer: Kristine Vigsnes

Photo: Nils Petter Lotherington

Editor: Anne Berit Vestby

Poem: Arild Nyquist

Nationality: NOR

Length: 50 min.

Production year: 1993

Production company: The TV Factory

Aired on: TV2 (Norway)

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